Theatre School

We offer students a safe place to express themselves and become confident communicators, whilst learning skills they can use in every aspect of life, not just the performing arts. Our caring teachers encourage self expression and teamwork in a nurturing environment. Enriching Lives Through the Arts.

Enriching Lives

We believe every student deserves to reach their full potential. Our students will engage in Acting and Improvisation, Movement and Dance as well as Speech and Singing to unleash their creativity and imagination! Students will also have the opportunity to present their work through shows and demos.

MT Early Years

We offer our Early Years students a fun introduction to Musical Theatre, focusing on imagination, creativity and curiosity. We encourage them to be confident whilst discovering their skills in drama, dance and singing.

MT Juniors

Our Junior class combines the disciplines of acting, singing and dance into a fun Musical Theatre class. Students will develop good vocal, acting and dance techniques so that they become confident to convey meaning and expression in their performance.

Intermediate & Seniors

Students are given the opportunity to explore their skills in acting, singing and dance, as well as physical theatre, vocal techniques and script writing. They will work towards demos and shows, building confidence to perform in front of an audience.

Junior Drama

Our drama class aims to encourage social skills, confidence and good self-esteem as well as teamwork through fun drama exercises and games. We will also explore script writing, monologues and improvisation.

Award Winning

OB1 Theatre School has been recognised by Prestige Awards as the 2022 Musical Theatre School of the Year across London and South East England.


Musical Theatre (Early Years)3.5-5Sunday10am - 11amEnrol
Musical Theatre (Juniors)6-9Sunday11am - 12pmEnrol
Musical Theatre (Int + Seniors)10-18Sunday10am - 12pmEnrol
Drama (Juniors)6-10Tuesday5pm - 6pmEnrol

Rhythm & Rhyme

Rhythm & Rhyme is a music and movement class for the very young. We sing along with puppets and instruments, have fun with pompoms, parachute and bubbles and much more! Learning Through Music and Movement.

Enriching Lives

Our classes are fun, tactile and engaging for both parents, carers and children. We encourage parents to interact with their children as well as others in the class. Children will learn positive social interaction and enhance their coordination and physical development, as well as excite their curiosity.

We follow the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage Framework).


We believe that music and movement classes are key to underpinning the basic skills the very young are developing.


We create a safe, inviting and nurturing environment, available and accessible to everyone.


We give parents the tools to support their child’s development.


Our fun, engaging, and tactile sessions are aimed at babies 3 months to 4 years old and their parents/carers.

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Trial class available.

Art Club

We also offer an Art Club where students engage in creating seasonal and emotional art, 3D and multimedia art, as well as jewellery and musical art. Lots of arts and crafts! Art is very therapeutic and a wonderful way to relax and express yourself. Therapy Through Art.

Enriching Lives

Arts and crafts are an important part of a child's development. It helps children develop fine motor skills, boost cognitive skills and also helps improve self-expression and self-esteem, in a relaxed atmosphere. Our classes provide a safe space to be creative and sociable.

Club Sessions

Term Time Art Lessons
Art Club Lessons are available in Edgware 1:1 or in small groups for school years 1-6.
We offer 60 or 90 minute Lessons.
All materials are provided.
To book please call or WhatsApp Danielle on 07522406485
Holiday Art Lessons
We also offer private Art & craft lessons outside club times and during holidays in groups of 1:1 up to 1:4 students.  
Please get in touch for more details: 07522405486.